K&N Cone/Big VAM Mount
My system for Fresh Air Delivery for the Merkur

My system, which I call the Big VAM Mount kit is designed to provide a mount for the large VAM (vane air meter) and a K&N cone filter that will go into the fender.  It has the two hoses that are a perfect fit between the turbo and the relocated air meter and between the air meter and the remotely mounted filter.  It
comes with the two specially shaped rubber hoses, the four hose clamps, the K&N cone  style air filter (can be purchased with or without) and a fabricated bracket that will replace the stock air meter support, and still retain the support for the coolant overflow bottle.  The bracket is made from clear anodized aluminum and comes with a rubber mounting pad attached. 

The kit costs $95 with the K&N cone filter.   Please note that we accept credit card using only.   Please check via e-mail prior to ordering to verify that the Big VAM Mounts are in stock.

Some Notes: 
The large diameter hoses are refurbished,  and are in excellent condition.  Satisfaction is guaranteed. 
Any K&N cone filter with a 3" diameter inlet can be used with this kit; although care should be exercised when choosing
the filter because some rubbing may occur if very large filters are fitted. .  Click here to see photos of an installation

Big VAM Mount
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