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Welcome to my Merkur Website.  This site is dedicated to Merkur XR4Ti's (some info is applicatble to other 2.3L turbo fords as well) and has five main areas.

First, my main focus is my Air to Water intercooler system for the Merkur.  I have designed it with this one car in mind, and I feel that I have put together a great kit that is far superior to anything else that is commercially available for the Merkur.  I built a system very similar to this one back in the early nineties and have enjoyed it since. This earlier version was my prototype, to which I have made numerous improvements. After joining discussions on  the internet, especially Roland Zuk's IMON list (since closed) my eyes were opened and I have been able to meet and talk with many motivated Merkur Nuts all around the country. It was after seeing the options out there,  I decided to produce this system and market it to other Merkur fanatics who know that the Air Water Intercooler is the way to go.  Note that the Merkur Enthusiasts now hang out at the mailing list. Its free and its great.
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One other area that I feel that I have come up with a very good solution is the mounting of the Larger VAM in combination with the cone style K&N filter.  I have assembled and/or fabricated the required pieces to easily make this modification and arrive at a easy to install, professional looking installation.  Check it out! Please be advised that due to the time consuming nature of the production of this item that long delays are possible. Please check via e-mail to verify that they are in stock. 
The third are is the Merkur Enthusiasts Screensaver.  I made a request for Merkur related photographs and I have received some fantastic ones.  This is a free screensaver that I provide thru my website.  Please feel free to submit your photographs.  Click on the link above or the button at left to reach that area.
The fourth area is dedicated to other individuals who have devised their own solutions, improvments, and workarounds to the Merkurs intricacies.  This will be a showcase of the ingenuity of other Merkur owners and their solutions
The last area is a listing of specific parts that I am offering for sale.  A few of these are of interest to people who are planning to install the intercooler from the 1987 or 1988 Thunderbird Turbocoupe onto their Merkur.  I have devised some parts that make this more simple. 
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